Shh! It’s a Surprise!!

I am normally really bad at surprising my husband. Seriously. Really bad.

He, on the other hand, is awesome at surprising me. Surprise baby showers, surprise date nights, surprising me on him taking a day off for my birthday, and surprise out of town visitors for the weekend. It’s embarrassing how little I’ve done for him.

But this year I am attempting to make that change! We moved into our new home a week before Easter and less than a month later is my husband’s birthday. I figure I could either use that as an excuse to not do something or use it as a decoy to get him off my trail. So I’m surprising him!

It was a football theme, somewhat. I feel silly giving a themed birthday to a grown man, but he loves his Dallas Cowboys and heck, why not give the man a party he would like? Nothing crazy, but if you have to ask yes, I do have a secret Pinterest board for his party. I invited lots of our new friends here and it was a great turnout.

I am naturally an introvert, he is an extravert. He thrives off of big groups of people and talking and networking, I like to read or go thrifting with one, maybe two friends. I am getting out of my comfort zone and invited plenty more people than I initially would’ve, but this was HIS party and I wanted him to love it.

For decorations I got some Dallas Cowboys paper plates from Party City, a bright green table cloth that will be the “field” for the food. Some large blue bowls and football shaped bowls for chips and fruit salads. I considered these fun football shaped lanterns which I would then relocate to my son’s room but I was worried it’d be too kiddish so I played it safe. I was going to get some balloons but time got cut short and I forgot all about it.

I also pinned football shaped party foods (brownies, cookies, cupcake designs, and cake pops) but again, they seemed kiddish. So I made cupcakes with football cupcake liners and blue sprinkles (Dallas colors).

A friend of his took him to see the second Captain America movie while I set up the food and everyone showed up. He was going to pick me up so we could “meet some people for lunch,” but that was fake, and “those people” we were “meeting” were already at the party. Ha!

He showed up, was surprised, and loved it. I only got a few photos as I was not only busy hosting the party but I was also busy keeping my 1 year old from being trampled by the older kids running around. 

The day was a big success and lots of fun but boy am I glad it’s over! I’m a bad liar and am so happy he had no idea!

She approved of the cupcakes!


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