Welcome to LimeTreeCo

Hello, hello!

A little about me:

My name is Audrey and I live in the Pacific Northwest, about an hour south of Seattle. I’m a NW native (Oregon), met my husband in Arizona, and we’ve moved our family to Washington in 2013. He is a Pastor, I am currently working toward real estate in some capacity. We have two children, a daughter and a son. They are only 13 months apart and they are best buddies.

If you want to know about me I want to be real with you, so ask away!

What this blog is about:

My hopes for this blog is so I can try to share with you different tips, tricks, decorating ideas & projects, home staging, and (hopefully!) some real estate tips in the future!

These days there seem to be a bazillion blogs about DIY and “mommy blogs,” and though I enjoy those I want to add the twist of real estate. I would love for you to show me your homes and I can give home-staging tips to help with selling and curb appeal tips. Or, if you are currently not moving any time soon, I’d love to explore decorating with you! I’ll want YOUR help for my new home, too. Oh, and the best part, on a budget! The best part about decorating (for me, besides having a beautiful room) is achieving the look without spending a fortune. My husband says I’m too cheap, but that’s the part of the fun for me.

If you live in the vicinity of Tacoma/Puyallup/Federal Way/etc maybe I can come to your home and give in-person help and you can be a special feature post. Eh? Ehh? Sounds fun to me. 😉

Tell me about yourself:

Tell me what YOU want in a blog. I don’t want to be here squawking about nothing’s, I want to help you achieve a beautiful home and lifestyle on a budget.


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