The Blur of Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day weekend was quite the whirlwind! On Saturday I took my mom out to do a little shopping, lunch at Panera (hello Fuji Apple Chicken Salad!), and then we spent a few hours digging through every corner of our favorite antique store in downtown Puyallup.

I finally found a washboard that I have been wanting for a year and a cute little milk glass stem vase. I found something else that was love at first sight that I’ll tell you about in another post. Anyway, it was perfect timing getting a single stem vase because at church the next morning they handed out a flower to every mother.

Then, after my antiquing and a quick hour long trip to Joann Fabrics, I went home. when I came to the front door my husband opened the door with the video camera filming. Uh oh. What is he up to??? Turns out this is what he was up to!!

He got us a precious labradoodle! My 3rd baby. She’s a sweet little ball of fluffy curls and kisses, it was instant love. So far my daughter has taken to naming her Elsa Puppy (thanks, Disney) and that’s the best name idea we have so far.

The rest of the day was spent playing with Elsa puppy inside and outside. Forgive the extremely un-mowed grass.


And yes, my kids playing in that rock/fire pit more than with the new puppy. Figures.

See that cute dress she’s wearing? Got that a JCP’s on clearance. Score!


Look at that face. After the first night being rough we are now doing much better with potty training. We need to get her some more toys so she isn’t going after my kids toys. And we should probably pick up or make some of that anti-teething spray. Off to Pinterest I go to look for a DIY recipe!

Has your significant other ever surprised you like this? And remember my post about how my husband is awesome at surprises?? I wasn’t kidding. He has also come home with a car for me.

Disclaimer though: In all these surprises we have both talked seriously about the purchase beforehand. The surprise is the arrival time. We had money saved for a car and we both agreed on exactly what we wanted. With this puppy we both agreed on getting a laboradoodle sometime this year. The TIMING and ARRIVAL is the surprise. 😉


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