Bookshelf or No Bookshelf?

I have recently moved into our second home ever but our first home in Washington. We love it. It’s two stories and has 4 bedrooms, great open concept, and the layout is great for our family. We have the basics unpacked but still have our loft and garage filled with things we need to organize or finish taking out of boxes.

One corner in my living room is bothering me. As you see we have a massive sectional couch that we bought with comfort in mind more than looks. It’s microfiber, tan, and luxuriously comfortable. With all our belongings in storage for almost a year it’s been this couch that we missed the most. So with this large couch we really only have one place to put it in our family room. It’s working as a great room divider but it does fill up most of the room.

It’s aiming at our fireplace which has a built in shelf above it for a tv. Now, keep in mind, I have not been able to decorate hardly at all since moving in, but let me show you the cluttered area I’ll be talking about. (Pretty certain this photo was taken a day or two after moving day.)




We have those two cubby-like areas that eventually I’d like to build floating shelves into. And see the beautiful extension cord off to the right? I’d like to thank whoever built the house for NOT putting an electrical outlet up on the shelf so I can hide the electronic cords(sarcasm).

And what you can’t see is on the floor in the corner where the cords lead is our wifi router. So I need some kind of shelf or something to put the router up higher so my kids don’t mess with it or stand on it. Or my puppy chews on it.

Any ideas on what I can do? I’m mainly hung up on the router/shelf need and the cluttered chaos of the TV ledge. Do you have any problem areas in your house that you get stuck on?



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