Easy Fire Pit

When we moved in there was already a short, strange little fire pit in the backyard. I have a feeling they had a metal fire bowl over it because the rocks were sparkling clean and showed no signs of burning. We considered getting a fire bowl but the kids really enjoy taking the rocks out and throwing them around the yard, which sure makes mowing interesting.

Here they are in action. See how short the rim of the circle is?

So we went to Home Depot (and forgot out 10% off coupon) and and bought some more bricks almost exactly like what was already in our yard but in a different color. Brown. Pretty wild.

We just added two more layers around the fire pit to make it more substantial.

When you make your fire pit make sure the ground is LEVEL. It will save you the grief of realizing it’s all wonky and you won’t have to re-do it. It may not look like a big deal, but those blocks are heavy! Plus it started to rain so we were trying to hurry.

I am so excited to get some wood and have our kids roast their marshmallows for the first time!

This picture was taken before it was 100% finished, oops. You still get the idea.

Next we need to replace the chair that broke the other day and get the kids some little chairs and we can all sit out and enjoy a fire!


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