Girly-Girl Room

Me being the decorator that I am asked for my husband’s input on decorating ideas he might have. I don’t want to decorate 100% for me and ignore his likes and wants. Plus, it’s more of a challenge to try and mix our tastes. Adds interest to the room and can make us both happy? Sure!

So I asked what he thought we should do for our kids’ rooms. For my daughter he requested that it be girly for her. I wanted to to a feminine woodland theme but that’s already sounding too “nursery” and not enough “kid room.” So I agree with my husband. Give up the woodland and go girly. This alone is a stretch for me because I was a big tomboy when I was little. Hated dolls and Barbie, loved toy horses, Littlest Pet Shops, stuffed animals, and “playing puppies.” Now I need to switch gears and think: What would Linnea like?

Right now, she loves all sparkly, princess, glittery, pretty, beautiful things. These are key words I hear from her every day. “Pretty sparkly purple shoes!” “Look at my pretty pink toes!” “I want my beautiful pink sparkly dress.” “I’m Princess Linnea!”

If you had told me I would have a daughter like this when I was younger I would’ve laughed and said no way. But, here I am, and I absolutely adore the girly side of my daughter. It’s the sweetest thing to see HER personality grow, her opinion (as strong as those 2-3 year old opinions can be!), what SHE enjoys. It’s so fun. She loves to get all dressed up then go play with a stick and in the dirt with her brother.

Here are some pictures of inspiration I have for her room. Let me know what you think!


This is my favorite concept picture, from here. (But I recently visited Ikea and found the heart bed spread there but it is not on their website. I’m so glad I now know that! The duvet cover is only $14.99 for a twin size.)

ImageI love the fun pattern inside the closet in bold colors from here. A different color palette and pattern, but the same idea.

Image I like the bright bed spread, the pink headboard, and the colorful frames, here.

Linnea likes BRIGHT and FUN things so I am hoping I can make her bedroom reflect her. It would be ideal to decorate her room around the time we take the side of her crib off to make it the Big Girl Room transition.

To Do:
-Paint walls a light pink.
-Hang curtain rods.
-Get misc frames and paint them happy colors.
-New bedding.
-Possibly a canopy or “mobile” made from paper to look like a chandelier.

This will all, of course, be updated as I accomplish it. I’ll share fabrics and color swatches and all that good fun. I can’t wait to get started and give her a room she’ll love!



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