Starbucks at Home – Passion Tea Lemonade

I love Starbucks’ passion tea lemonades. I craved those while pregnant with my first. I loved them even without the lemonade, too. They’re just so summery and delicious!

But, with all the hype of Starbucks’ prices going up I thought I’d share how to get the refreshing favorite of mine at home and for a fraction of the cost!

Here’s what you need:
Passion tea by Tazo – make sure it’s the blue box with the ice cubes on the front.
A can of lemonade concentrate
Large pitcher

Start by making your tea. I used one tea bag and added about 2 quarts of almost boiling water (because I’m impatient), let steep as the directions say.


Once it’s nice and dark pink I took the tea bag out and added some ice to speed up the cooling process. I didn’t use an exact amount, but I added about this much.

Obviously from that picture, it had all melted already.

Then, add your lemonade concentrate. I made sure it had somewhat thawed so I could mix it up faster. I then added a few cans of water as if I was making regular lemonade, but make sure you account the ice cubes i added earlier. This filled up my not-so-pretty pitcher to the top, making about a gallon.

Stir, pour over ice, and enjoy!


You can also use lemonade from a bottle, like Minute Maid or Simply Lemonade. The concentrate was cheaper.

And please note if you like this to taste sweeter just don’t add as much water. Taste it as you make it until you find the right flavor you’re looking for. My version isn’t very sweet so I’m going to try less water next time.


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