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A “Handy” Post

I enjoy foaming hand soap, but hate the price tag. Usually I go to Bath & Body Works at their semi-annual sale and get a variety of scents. But because it foams, it runs out SO much faster. I’ve seen online and on Pinterest that some people use baby wash to refill. That idea really bothers me. Why use a soap that is only going to make your hands look clean?

Here is what what I use.



Cheap store brand refill.


Squirt in about a half an inch or so, depending on what consistency you want. Mine changes every time. Haha.

Then get your tap running with HOT water. Put a little water in and swish it around (shaking makes it foamy and you run out of room!). Add more water, swish, water, swish. Once you’re filled up put your lid on and you’re done! Edit: When adding water to the soap it would foam up a lot and I didn’t like that a lot of the foam went down the drain. I filled most of the bottle with hot water then added the soap in second. Put the lid on, then swished it. Mixed up just fine and this is how I’ll be doing it from now on. 🙂 It’s really just a preference.

It doesn’t smell as fancy as B&BW but I think it’s just dandy. And, it’s antibacterial so it’s safe to use all around your house. I’ve even had people over who asked what scent it was and they loved that it was just basic hand soap. It also is more fun for my kids to use because it’s already bubbly.