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Custom Sheets: A Brief Tutorial

For my son’s future Dallas Cowboys bedroom I was trying to think of ways to add the Cowboys without it being cheesy or costing an arm and a leg. NFL merchandise can be extremely expensive. It’s ridiculous. Our family with sport a lot more of their things if they were more affordable.

Anyways, I thought his bed was a good opportunity to add something fun. I ran off to Joann’s fabric store and found their team fabrics were on sale, so I bought two yards of navy blue Cowboys fabric with their logo (the star), and their name all over it. (Personal note, I should’ve bough some navy thread. I thought I had some but I did not. Phooey.)

You will want to measure the mattress you will be making the sheet for because some mattresses can be thicker or thinner than others. With crib sheets they need to be very tight (especially for babies, not quite as much for toddlers).

How to measure:
1. Get a measuring tape of some form, and measure how long and wide the TOP of the mattress is. Just the flat part.
2. Measure how deep the mattress is. The vertical part.
3. Add the “deep” length to the “top” sizes.
4. Now add an extra 2 inches or so. This will be so you can hem the edges but still have enough to hide the hem lines under the mattress.

Now that you have your measurements, get your fabric and trim it to fit the size you need. Pretty easy so far.

Lay your fabric out flat and cut an 8 inch by 8 inch square off of each corner. Here’s a basic diagram I made to give you a visual.

Crib sheet tutorial

See the dotted line corners? Cut those out. (Note: This diagram is not to scale.) I kept the corner squares and made this bow out of the scraps. Waste not!

Now, sew the “dotted line” sides that are still left, seen below in the green lines. These will be the corner pockets. If you have a serger, serge the edges. I just did a straight stitch then followed after with a zig zag stitch for strength.

Crib sheet tutorial 2Next, iron and fold over your edges to make your hems. I sewed this up all in one big line.

Now get your elastic. I used 3/8″. I’ve seen some sheets with elastic all around the entire sheet but I didn’t have enough for that. I cut four 12 inch pieces of elastic. I then pinned them to the corners of my “pockets.” When you pin, make sure you stretch out the elastic as far as you can. It’ll bunch up the fabric and look strange but this is GOOD.

Start sewing! Make sure you stretch the elastic, again, as you sew. And use a long stitch so the elastic can work it’s magic. It’s awkward to sew the elastic but this is how the sheet will hang on to your mattress.

Repeat this for the three remaining corners.

And there you have it! Your own crib sheet in a custom print of your choice. Stores are extremely limited on the fabrics they have for sheets. This is a spendier way to get sheets, but when you factor in NFL prices then this was dirt cheap. I couldn’t find any crib sheets. Especially ones that didn’t have bumpers and blankets and all those extras that I didn’t want. Plus, those sets are $100+ and that’s insane (to me).

Here’s my son when I first put the sheet on his bed.


imageHe approves!

You can use this same method for larger sized beds but you will have a seam on the top of the bed. Some might not care about that, some might be bothered. It’s something to take note of.


A Bow From Scraps

I made my son a sheet for his crib with some cotton supporting my husband’s family’s football team, the Dallas Cowboys. From that project I had a few scraps of fabric left that were fairly small but I still wanted to use. I decided to have my daughter show her team love in a subtle, girly way.

Take your fabric and fold it in half with the right sides together and make one stitch, like this. 20140608-201220-72740956.jpg

Iron the seam flat. For this little project I felt silly getting the iron and ironing board out, so I just used my flat iron that’s for my hair!


Flip your tube of fabric right side out.


Fold the ends inside a tiny bit and iron those. You can do one end or both, I just did one.


Tuck one end inside the other to make a circle. If you only ironed one end, make sure the “undone” end goes inside the other.


Pinch your circle together, first like this,


Then another pinch like this.


Hot glue your “pinched” parts together. I used a clothespin until it dries. I’m notorious for burning myself, and with this project I really burned my finger and thumb. Because of this, my mom gave me a gift of a new bottle of aloe vera. Thanks mom for your sarcastic yet much needed gift.


Once your fingers recover the glue dries, you’ll see you need to hide the glue. I got another bit of fabric and ironed a small strip, like this, and hot glued it to my butterfly/alligator hair clip.


Then you’ll glue one end to your bow, wrap it around and glue the other end.



And here’s your finished product!

My daughter loves her bows. She loves them so much she wouldn’t stop jumping and running around once I put it in her hair to be able to get a non-blurry picture of her wearing it. Silly girl!